Building your Gorgias integration

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This article in still work in progress. If you run into any issue, please contact

You can connect any tool to Gorgias to display customer data next to support tickets.

How to create your integration

  • Ask the merchant for their API credentials in Gorgias -> Settings -> Rest API
  • Push your data to the customer field of each user. Learn more on how to do this below.
  • Create a widget, using the end api/widget endpoint. This will make sure the data is displayed next to tickets.

How to populate the `customer` data of a user

We recommend doing this in 2 steps.

  1. Do an initial sync of all your user data with Gorgias
  2. Every time customer data is updated in your platform, update the associated Gorgias user

Here's how to populate customer data of a user:

  • Find the user's id using the api/search endpoint. Search using the email address
  • Update this user's customer field with your data. The data in the customer field will be available to be displayed in a widget.

Then, please email to submit your integration.

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