Building your Gorgias integration

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This article is geared towards app developers who want to build an integration between their app and Gorgias

You can connect any tool to Gorgias to display customer data next to support tickets.

How to create your integration

1. Get the authentication credentials

In order for your app to fetch Gorgias data, you'll need to ask your customer to share with your their Gorgias API credentials. They can be found here: Gorgias -> Settings -> Rest API.

2. Display your data next to tickets

Gorgias allows you to create information cards next to support tickets. Cards look like this:

To update customer data:

  1. Search Gorgias users to find the right user to update
  2. Make a PUT call to update the user customer object.

3. Create a widget to display your json data in Gorgias

Create a widget, using the end api/widget endpoint. This will make sure the data is displayed next to tickets

Tada! Once you are done with your integration, please email to submit your integration.

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