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Benefits of Kickstarter

As you launch a product on Kickstarter, you'll get customer service questions from your backers. Connect Kickstarter to Gorgias and respond to your backers' questions directly from Gorgias.

How to connect Kickstarter?

To connect your Kickstarter account to Gorgias:

  1. Go to Kickstarter
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Change your email to any email address from your Gorgias email integrations
  4. Go back to Gorgias, and open the verification ticket you just received from Kickstarter
  5. Click on the link to verify the email address
  6. Create a rule to tag Kickstarter tickets

You can now respond to Kickstarter messages from Gorgias. Responses to these tickets will appear in Kickstarter!

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