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Good news! If you're using a support inbox provided by Gmail or G Suite, you can add it in just a few clicks. This integration comes with a few benefits: emails are sent from your own Gmail account, and Gorgias mirrors Gmail. If you send an email in Gmail, you'll see it in Gorgias, and vice versa. 

Here's how to add the Gmail integration:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Email
  2. Click Add email address
  3. Click on the Connect Google email account button and sign into your Google account
  4. Start the process of importing the last 2 years of emails from this account into Gorgias as closed tickets.

And that's all! You can now reply to emails coming into your integrated Google account. Feel free to test it out by sending a test email to the address that you just integrated. Then, try to reply to the email directly from Gorgias.

If it all goes well, you did a good job setting up the integration!

If your email address is a Gsuite or Gmail alias of a different Gmail account and you want to use it to reply to your customers, you will have to add the integration by setting up email forwarding. Learn how to do so in this article.

Disable sending emails via Gmail

As of now, you can also disable emails being sent directly from Gmail but rather via our internal servers. This can be useful if Gmail identifies your inboxes as spammy and disable them. If you have connectivity issues, and Gmail integration is disconnected frequently, you can uncheck this option and keep replying to your incoming emails from Gorgias.

Setup instructions

  • Access your Gorgias account Settings > Integrations > Email
  • Choose the Gmail integration from the list and uncheck this box:

Please note that this option is automatically checked once adding your Gmail integration.

For this feature to work properly, please set up your email account SPF settings.

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