How to set up email forwarding

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Check out our tutorial video on connecting your email account to Gorgias and setting up your integrations:

Our tutorial videos will guide through the helpdesk setup and configuring the features to your needs!

G Suite & Gmail aliases

Say your support address is, and that is an alias of a Gmail or G Suite account named 

If you want you want to receive emails from both addresses in Gorgias, and you're ok to use to reply back to all emails, just add this address as a Gmail integration.

If you want to receive emails sent to in Gorgias, and to use to reply back, follow the instructions below. You'll need to repeat these steps for each alias that you add. 

  1. In Gorgias, go to Settings > Integrations > Email > Add email address
  2. Add as an email integration by filling out the Address name and Email address fields, then clicking on "Connect this email account" button
  3. Go to your Gmail or G Suite account (this requires you to leave Gorgias for a moment)
  4. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of Gmail, then click "Settings" in the drop-down menu
  5. Click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab
  6. Click “Add a forwarding address”
  7. In the text box, type “{a random, pretty long id}". You will see the exact email, with the number id, when you set up the integration in Gorgias and click on the "Connect this email account" button. Click “Proceed”
  8. In Gorgias, navigate to Open tickets, then open the confirmation email from Google
  9. Click on the long link to confirm the request
  10. Click Confirm
  11. Now, let's forward emails sent to your alias address to Gorgias. Click on the caret in the search bar to create a filter
  12. Add your alias address in the "to" field
  13. Click Create filter with this search
  14. Check Forward it to, select the address you added at step 7, and click Create filter 

All set! Now, emails sent to your alias address will arrive in Gorgias. When you respond to them, your response will be sent from the alias address too. 

To improve the deliverability of the emails that you send from Gorgias, we recommend that you set up SPF and DKIM.

G Suite Groups

  1. Log in to your G Suite Admin console and select "Groups"
  2. Open the group address that you want to add. Typically, it’s
  3. Click the "Add users to group" icon in the top right corner of the screen
  4. In the text box, type support@{your-account-name} and click "Add"
  5. Navigate to "Role and permissions." Make sure that the "Also allow anyone on the internet to post messages" box is checked

Nice job! You can now head over to Gorgias and start responding to your customers' emails!

If your group was created using and not the G Suite Admin interface, then delete the group from the G Suite Admin interface and create it again using the same email address. 

IMPORTANT: G Suite Groups email addresses are considered as mailing lists. As such, automatic replies will not work with G Suite Groups email addresses. This is to prevent creating infinite loops of automatic responders auto-responding to each other forever. If you want to enable automatic replies on a G Suite Group email address, please delete it and create a regular Gmail email address instead.

  1. Log in to using your support email address
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of Outlook
  3. Click "Options" in the drop-down menu
  4. On the left side of the screen, click "Mail," then click "Accounts," then click "Forwarding"
  5. Click on the "Start forwarding" option, and type in support@{your-account-name} in the text box
  6. Click "Save"

Outlook - Web App

  1. In Outlook Web App, click Settings > Options > Organize Email > Inbox Rules.
  2. On the Inbox rules tab, click the arrow next to the plus symbol +, and select Create a new rule for arriving messages.
  3. Under When the message arrives, select Apply to all messages.
  4. Under Do the following, select Redirect the message to.
  5. Select the address you want your mail sent to by double-clicking it in the address book view. For Gorgias, this should be the email address shown in the Integration section when adding (i.e. -or- If the address you want to redirect to isn’t in the address book, you can enter the email address in the To line at the top of the window.
  6. Click OK to save your selections and return to the new rule window.
  7. Click Save to save your rule and return to the Inbox rules tab.

Nice job! You can now head over to Gorgias and start responding to your customers’ emails!

Outlook - Desktop app

  1. In your Outlook app click on File option
  2. You will be on the Info page and from there select 'Manage Rules and Alerts'
  3. Click on 'New Rule' option in the top left corner
  4. From the 'Rules Wizard' popup select 'Apply a rule on message i receive':
  5. Leave the next page untouched and click 'Next', since you need all of your emails forwarded
  6. On the next page check the 'forward it to people of specific group' option, afterwords click on the 'people or specific group' link at the bottom:
  7. Now in the 'To' field at the bottom of the popup enter your support address:
  8. Click next in the following window since you do not have any exceptions
  9. Now you can specify the name of the rule that you have just created. By default it will be set as the support email address that you entered on the step 7 but you can change it as you see fit. Click next again and you should be all set!
We do not recommend setting up forwarding using your Outlook Desktop app, as emails will be arriving only when your app is running.

Microsoft Exchange

If you're using a hosted Microsoft Exchange server, you can follow this tutorial to set up an email forwarding rule for

Zoho Mail

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on "Mail," then click "Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP"
  4. In the "Email forwarding" section, Click "Add Email Address"
  5. Type in the text box
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to your added email address. After you verify the added account, email forwarding will be enabled
  7. You can choose whether you want to delete an email from your Zoho account after forwarding, or retain the forwarded email in Zoho.
    • Select "No" for "Delete Zoho mail's copy" to leave a copy of the forwarded email in Zoho.
    • Select "Yes" for "Delete Zoho mail's copy", to delete the email in Zoho after forwarding to the specified email address.
  8. If you have chosen to "Delete Zoho mail's copy" for email forwarding, the emails will be deleted immediately and will not be available for POP retrieval. 
  9. Click "Save"


To forward emails from GoDaddy to Gorgias, follow the instructions here.

Other email services

If you don’t know how to forward your emails we’re here to help! Please contact us at

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