Manage and Troubleshoot your Outlook Integration

Updated 3 weeks ago by Yohan Loyer

Here's how to manage and, if needed, troubleshoot your Outlook (O365) email integration.

If you're still not sure about the integration setup, please refer to this guide to help you connect your Outlook mailbox with Gorgias.

Email Import

For each Outlook integration you added, you can import the last 2 years' worth of emails into Gorgias. They will be imported as closed tickets, except the 5 most recent ones which will be open. Here's how to initiate an import:

  • Go in Settings → IntegrationsEmail{your Outlook integration}
  • Click on 'Import emails'

Congrats, your import just started!


Every email sent and received in Gorgias will be synchronized with your Outlook inbox. So, you will always have a full backup of everything that was done in Gorgias with your email address.

Sometimes (very rarely) we will use our third-party provider for email service Mailgun to send some emails instead of Outlook. This can happen if, for example, there is an ongoing issue with Outlook and the email sending service there is not available / not working correctly. Those emails will not be synchronized in your Outlook inbox.


  • When creating a new ticket from Gorgias using an Outlook email address, if you send multiple emails from Gorgias before the first response from the customer, those emails will not be grouped together in the same conversation in your Outlook inbox.
  • When sending an email with more than 4MB of attachments, the email will be sent using our third-party provider for email service (Mailgun) instead of Outlook.


I'm getting a "Permission missing" error, what should I do?

Please make sure that you have Microsoft Admin permissions or please ask your Admin to follow these instructions. On Microsoft Azure, please make sure that you allow users of your organization to consent for apps from verified publishers:

  1. Go to page Enterprise applicationsConsent and permissionsPermission classifications
  2. Click on "Add permissions"
  3. Click on "Microsoft Graph"
  4. Click on "Delegated permissions"
  5. Under Open permissions select "offline_access"
  6. Under User select "User.Read"
  7. Under Mail select "Mail.ReadWrite" and "Mail.Send"
  8. Click on "Add permissions" to save the changes
  9. Go to page Enterprise applicationsConsent and permissionsUser consent settings
  10. Under User consent for applications select option "Allow user consent for apps from verified publishers, for selected permissions (Recommended)"
  11. Click on "Save"

Feel free to follow this video tutorial for more details as well:

Here is how the settings should look like when you are done:

You might also need to change the following setting: on the page Enterprise applicationsUser settings, set the option 'Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf' to 'Yes'.

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