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Gorgias Chat - Contact Form Customization

As you know, Chat contact form is now mandatory, in order to make sure it easily works for all of you, we’ve compiled in this article all the default text values used so you can adapt it to your needs.

You may first want to check out this guide on how to set up some basic chat customization.

How it works

Simply update the values below and then insert the code snippet in your HTML.

2 GorgiasChat.init().then(function () {
3 var chatDict = {
4 contactFormAskAdditionalMessage:
5 'Would you like to add any more information?',
6 contactFormAskEmail: 'How can we contact you?',
7 contactFormAskMessage:
8 'Got it! Share any additional details to help us assist you.',
9 contactFormAskSubject: 'What can we help you with?',
10 contactFormAskSubjectOther: 'Please type the subject:',
11 contactFormEndingMessage: "Thanks for your message, we'll email you soon.",
12 contactFormEndingMessageWithHelpCenter:
13 "Thanks for your message, we'll email you soon. In the meantime, visit our Help Center!",
14 contactFormIntro: "Leave a message and we'll email you once we're online.",
15 contactFormSSPUnsuccessfulAskAdditionalMessage:
16 'Sorry to hear that! Share any additional details to help us assist you.',
17 productQuestionShort: 'Product Question',
18 subject: 'Subject',
19 thatsAll: "That's all",
20 }
21 var sspDict = {
22 cancelOrderShort: "Cancel Order",
23 reportIssueShort: "Report Issue",
24 returnOrderShort: "Return Order",
25 trackOrderShort: "Track Order"
26 }
27 GorgiasChat.updateTexts(chatDict)
28 GorgiasChat.updateSSPTexts(sspDict)
29 })

You don't need to provide all the available text keys when updating the texts. You can override only the relevant copy and the rest will use the default text values. You can refer to this article for a more detailed explanation on how to customize the default text values.

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