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Agent availability statusUpdated 2 months ago

You can see a real-time view of agent availability from within the user’s setting page.

This feature will help provide a real-time view of your team and their availability, which will help teams effectively assign tickets, request and share information effectively across teams, and ultimately resolve tickets faster.

This feature, which lives within the Users page in your helpdesk’s setting, adds a column displaying the following states for each agent:

  • Available → Agent is online with availability toggle set to ON

  • In a call → Agent is actively connected with a customer in a call

  • Ringing → Agent is dialing an outbound or being rung (but hasn’t accepted) an inbound

  • Unavailable → Agent is either offline or has their availability toggle set to OFF


If an agent has set themselves as Available or Unavailable in the helpdesk, that change will be reflected in the Users page as well.

At this time, the page does not update on its own, so you would need to refresh the page to see the current information.

View agent availability status


  1. Go to Settings > Users
  2. Agent availability can be viewed in the Status column

Explanation table of Agent availability

Please note that being Active, Online and Available in Gorgias are different things.

Online - reflects to an agent being connected to the Gorgias platform (logged in)

Active - reflects to an agent being active within the helpdesk (performing actions)

Available - reflects to an agent being set as "available" in the bottom right corner of their helpdesk:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this feature, please contact us at [email protected]

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