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Find answers to common questions about the Gorgias helpdesk: how to merge customers, where to setup your email signature, create a ticket with Zapier and more.


Gorgias helpdesk notifications

When there's a new message on any live chat-type channel (chat, Instagram DMs, Messenger etc.), as well as when you're assigned a ticket, you can receive a browser notification. They are helpful to make sure that you respond to customers as soon as t

How many languages can Gorgias detect?

Gorgias can currently detect up to 54 languages in your support tickets. How it worksYou can use languages to create view filters. For example, you can create a view to show Spanish tickets only. Language detection can also be helpful in rules. For i

Customer Success Tracks

Customer Success Tracks are our playbooks designed to help you take your customer support to the next level.Based on Gorgias's experience working with over 9,000 ecommerce merchants, these best practices will set your team up for success, streamline

What is a Gorgias Bot?

When a reply to a customer is not made by an agent through Gorgias, the sender of the message in Gorgias will be Gorgias Bot.This happens in two cases:When a reply is made via a RuleWhen a rule that sends an automatic reply to a customer is triggered

Gorgias Agency Partner Program

OverviewGorgias is the leading helpdesk solution for eCommerce brands and we want to partner with you. We enables thousands of merchants to manage all their customer service - Facebook & Instagram, emails, chat - in a unified platform integrated with

Gorgias Technology Partner Program

Overview of GorgiasGorgias is the leading helpdesk solution for eCommerce brands, and we want to partner with you. We enable thousands of merchants to manage all their customer service - Facebook & Instagram, emails, chat, SMS - in a unified platform

Deleting an integration

How it worksDeleting an integrationGo to Settings and click on 'Integrations'Choose the integration that you want to deleteClick on 'Delete integration'If you have views or rules that use this integration there will be an error message showing their

Mobile app fact sheet

The Gorgias app is available for both Android and iOS! You can continue to provide the best possible support on the go, almost as if you are right there in the office with your team.How it worksFeaturing:A clean, crisp layout with views and customer

Your Gorgias Homepage

The Gorgias Homepage is our merchant hub, aimed at helping you to stay updated on new Gorgias features and give you actionable tips on how to better use the platform. It contains a high-level overview of your Gorgias metrics, offers tailored recommen