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Our self-service chat portal can easily deflect and automate up to 30% of your chat tickets! Allow your customers to check out their order status, tracking number, and shipping information all on their own in just a few clicks.


Installing Self-Service

Our self-service portal is a feature which can be enabled on your chat widget. It allows your customer to check their order status, tracking number, and shipping information, as well as to create templated tickets when reporting order issues. This me

Self-Service Portal Statuses

This guide will cover all of the currently supported shipment statuses on our self-service portal feature, as well as the actions accessible by shoppers depending on the presented status.As a quick reminder, here's an example of where the shipment st

Self-Service: Customize Report Issue Reasons

Report Issue is one of the options your customers can choose when using self-service on your chat widget. They can use this option to open a ticket notifying your customer support team that something is wrong with their order.To use this feature you

Self-Service: Report Issue Update

Our brand new Automation Add-on is designed to help you bring your customers' Self-Service experience to the next level!The add-on is available on all Gorgias subscription plans, both legacy and current ones.How it worksIf you already use Gorgias, yo

Self-Service Quick Response Flows

We are delighted to let you know that you can now create your own custom quick response flows for your self-service integration!If you haven't already, please refer to this article on the basics of our self-service feature first.We also encourage you