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Cartloop is Shopify SMS Marketing App. Convert and delight more shoppers than automated text messages. Cartloop helps Shopify brands build a compliant SMS marketing list and grow like never before.

How it works

Cartloop has built an additional revenue channel for brands looking to create better customer relationships and personalized shopping experiences.

If a customer would like a refund and Cartloop doesn't have the ability to issue it, a new ticket will be created seamlessly to Gorgias to solve the issue with the same phone number.

This will be helpful in cases when there are: 

  • Questions about an existing order (from time of delivery to modifying or canceling it)
  • Errors of any kind from the merchant's side
  • Returns that need to be made
  • Questions that can only be found in the client's database
  • Sensitive customer matters
  • Complains and feedback
  • Custom orders

Setup instructions

  1. Go to the Cartloop Integrations page
  2. Click connect the Gorgias integration (next, let's copy some info from Gorgias)
  3. In your Gorgias account go to settings → REST API

4. Copy the following: Base API URL, Username, Password (API Key)

5. Paste each of them into Cartloop and hit "Save & Enable Integration".

You're all set! ✨ You're now creating seamless conversations between Live Experts and your internal Customer Support team.


Can I send MMS (media) to customers via Gorgias?

Not at this time.

When do Cartloop Experts take over the conversation again?

Once your Customer Support team closes the ticket in Gorgias, new text messages will be handled by our Experts.

Do our Customer Support team need any special training?

Not at all. All Cartloop conversations will appear in Gorgias like a regular ticket. They should just be aware of the fact that tickets originating from Cartloop may show up in their views.

If you have any further questions about this integration, we are here for you! Feel free to reach out to our Support Team anytime via our live chat or email at [email protected]

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