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Create a new flowUpdated 23 days ago

To create a Flow you'll need to use the Flow builder. Every time you create a Flow, it'll be saved in a disabled state. 


  1. Go to Automation > Flow Builder

2. Click Create New Flow > Create Custom Flow

3. Enter a name for your Flow (it will not be visible to customers), and a name for your Trigger button (this will be visible by your customers in chat)

You would start building your custom Flow any way you like. Add or delete buttons, add automated replies, and directly map your customers' path from start to finish.

Every one of your Flows can have additional choices, automated messages and buttons. Multi step answers 

Now that your new Flow has been created, you will want to enable it on chat, test it and see how it looks.

Here's how our test Flow ended up looking like in chat:

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