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Deleting an integrationUpdated 8 months ago

How it works

Deleting an integration
  1. Go to Settings and click on 'Integrations'

  1. Choose the integration that you want to delete

  1. Click on 'Delete integration'

  1. If you have views or rules that use this integration there will be an error message showing their names. You need to delete them in order to be able to delete the integration.

Deleting a view
  1. Go back to your tickets and find the view.

Click on it's name by the top of the screen

  1. This will open a drop down menu and give you the option to 'Delete view'

Deleting a rule
  1. Go to Settings Rules and click on the rule you want to delete.

This will open a drop down menu with the option to 'Delete View'

After you delete all the conflicting views and rules go back to the integration and delete it by doing steps 1 - 3 again.

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