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Gorgias 101Updated a month ago

These videos provide a brief outline of a selection of Gorgias features and how to set them up. Please note this is not an exhaustive list. For more information on each feature please see individual articles.

Voice add-on

Automation add-on

Ticket fields

Answering a ticket

Setting up the Automation add-on

New navigation

Chat installation for Hydrogen

Revenue add-on


Whatsapp integration

In-ticket suggestions

Chat availability: live vs offline mode

Discount code generator

Dynamic wait times as part of auto-responder in Chat

Contact forms in Help Center and embedded contact forms


Standalone self-service

Adjust Chat text defaults

Auto-fill Macros

Self-service in Help Center

BigCommerce integration

Setting up Chat

Order management flows in Self-service

Self-service in Chat

Shopify actions

Internal notes

Merge ticket

Merge customer

Views and sections

Chat availability - Live vs offline mode

Article recommendations in Chat

Contact forms in Chat

Satisfaction (CSAT)

Managed Rules


Quick response flows in Self-service

Help Center

Campaigns in Chat


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