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Help Center article recommendation in Chat

Your shoppers can now get their questions answered by getting¬†articles from your help center recommended on chat. ūüí¨

Available only for merchants who have the automation add-on enabled and have at least one help center integration enabled with published articles.

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How it works

With this feature your customers can find the answers to their questions even before they reach out to an agent. Based on what they type on chat, they will receive a relevant article recommendation from your help center.

If shoppers are satisfied with the article recommendation, a ticket is never created. If they need more help, they can request to speak with an agent and a ticket is created.

See an example below:

Setup instructions

To set up article recommendation on your chat, please follow the steps below:

1. Under Chat → Your Chat Integration → Automation, you will notice the 'Enable Article Recommendation' toggle. Please toggle it on.

2. From there, ensure the correct Help Center is connected if you have more than one Help Center. Article recommendations will be coming from the Help Center selected.

Make sure that the help center that is connected is in the same language as the chat integration that you are installing recommendations on.

3. Make sure to 'Save changes'!

And that's that! You now have help center article recommendations enabled on your chat.

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