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Live StatisticsUpdated 17 days ago

As of now we have two categories for displaying your performance statistics - Live and Support Performance.


Important: Feature only available on Pro and higher plans (non-legacy).

Due to the prevalence of working from home, this feature provides transparency to managers on the daily activity of the team: the workload of your agents at any given moment, how long they have been online and their current status (available or offline).

In the Live statistics dashboard you will find two pages, Overview and Agents.

Please just keep in mind that you will need to refresh the page to get the latest data feed.


In the page header, you'll find the total number of agents online, agents offline, total assigned open tickets, and total unassigned open tickets. Feel free to use the filters in upper right-hand corner menu to narrow down the data range that you want to have displayed.

An agent is considerered online if:

  • The agent is connected to the helpdesk (on any device)
  • he hasn't been inactive for more than 10 minutes (he performed any type of actions inside Gorgias in the last 10 min - regarding tickets, stats, settings, being on a call…)

The online/offline status is updated every 5 minutes. Thus, if you are checking your online status directly after connecting to the helpdesk, you might see your status set on offline for the first few minutes.


This page will show you a table with agent names, their current status and how long they've been online, how many tickets they closed so far, how many sent messages, how many open tickets they're assigned to at the moment and those are divided then into corresponding channels as well.


Live - Overview

This graph shows a line chart by the hour of tickets created, tickets closed and tickets replied in total. It tracks your ticket volume during all hours of the day, not just during your working hours.

If you have business hours set up, they will be highlighted in white on the graph. The hours shown in the graph are according to your user profile's timezone.

Live - Agents

On this chart you will see how long each of your colleagues has been online for in Gorgias this day, how many of their assigned tickets they closed so far, how many messages sent, and how many open tickets they have assigned to them at the moment. The last column will also show you how many tickets per channel they have assigned to them as well.

Agents are ordered by online status and their first name. This means that online agents are shown first and ordered by their name. Offline agents are shown second and they are organized by their name too.

Online time measure:

  • The metric is counted from 12 am-11:59 pm, in your user profile's timezone. However, in the tooltip, you will see the session started/session ended hours in the agent's timezone (timezone specified in the tooltip).
  • The green indicator shows if an agent is online, 1st time they've been online this day on hover.
  • The orange indicator if the agent is offline, last time he has been noticed offline this day on hover.
An agent might see that he is shown as offline (with the orange dot) if :
- They're checking the Live Agent report directly after connecting to the helpdesk (it can take a few minutes to update)
- or they have the banner "You're not connected to live ticket updates" (the online time won't be tracked in this case)

The table displays a max of 25 agents. If you are looking for specific agents not shown directly in the table, you can use the agent filter (upper right-hand corner menu ) to select them.

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