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Migrate to the New Chat IntegrationUpdated 4 months ago

*Note: The old integration will be completely disabled on March 31st 2021 Starting from Feb 22nd 2021, you will no longer be able to create integrations with the old chat. Please migrate as soon as possible following the steps described below. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Support Team.

Integration benefits

As of today, the main benefits of the chat integration include:

  • New integration is much lighter (code package weight was cut by half) which will improve loading time & chat sending time.
  • ADA compliance WCAG which is a legal requirement for all companies providing a chat service (functionalities are available, Gorgias is currently going a validation audit).
  • Location of the customer which is available in the same place as the other customer information such as email, phone, etc in the activity sidebar on the right of the screen.
  • Additional text formatting (bold, italic, underline, images, GIFs & emojis) and support for hyperlinks.

Setup instructions

Some quick tips before you migrate!

It might be best to go forward with the migration to the new chat at the end of your shift, once you've closed all of your chats for the day.

This is simply because, if you have an ongoing chat ticket started using the old integration, you won't be able to continue the same thread once you've migrated to the new chat integration. If you migrate and go back to that same ticket, you'll get an error when you try to reply to the customer and you'll have to start a new ticket.

Now, if you have to migrate in the middle of some already ongoing chat tickets after all, please remember to make the email capture mandatory. That way, if the ticket comes up with an error due to the migration, you'll still be able to get back to your customer via email.

  1. Migrate to the old chat integration settings by accessing your current chat integrations configuration page and navigating to the Migrate tab.

  1. Click on 'Migrate', this will automatically redirect you to a newly created chat integration (using the new chat) with the exact same configuration settings. Go back to the old chat integration settings.

  2. In the old chat integration settings, go to the Installation tab and uninstall the old chat integration. (Find the new chat installation instructions in the section below 👇).

Even if the chat is uninstalled, we recommend not to disable the old chat until you've closed all open conversations with this old chat. When the integration is uninstalled but enabled, you can still send messages in the ticket. We recommend moving the chat conversations to an email thread as messages won't be able to be sent via the old chat integration anymore.

*Note: Once you've uninstalled the old chat integration you will not be able to re-install it anymore: this is a one-way operation. If you're uncertain about the steps please reach out to support.

  1. Disable the old chat integration from the integration's page.

  1. Delete the old chat integration.

New chat set up instructions

  1. Uninstall old chat integration
    Access Settings of your Gorgias accountSettingsChat [DEPRECATED] and disable the old integration. This will prevent any new tickets from coming into Gorgias.

    *Note: You also need to make sure that the old chat widget is removed from your site. Enter the chat's configuration page, go to Installation and deactivate the widget. If you've used a custom script to install the chat, make sure to get in touch with the person in charge of configuring your online store.

  1. Find the new chat in the integrations list (Settings → Chat) and activate the newly created chat.

  2. Check that your views & rules are updated accordingly!

Please note that if you are using any rules or/and views associated with a specific chat integration that was migrated, those would need to be updated as well. Note that the channel filter is different from integration as both chat (old and new) are considered a chat channel.

For example:

  • If the conditional statement is if channel is chat, no action is needed.
  • If the conditional statement if integration is X (x being your old integration), then replace it with the new integration's name so that it becomes if integration is Y (y being the new integration).

Example integration filter for rules:

Example integration filter for views:

  1. Enable & install the chat integration
    Follow the installation instructions for chat widgets in the dedicated article. If you have any specific requests, you can find advanced customization options in this article.
    The last step is turning the integration ON and connecting it to your Shopify store.

*Note: A common pitfall for this migration is to have both chats active at the same time without noticing it. This might happen if you've installed the chat using a custom procedure. What we recommend is checking with your Online Store administrator to make sure there are no duplicates.

Congrats! Your new chat integration is set!

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