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Track 3: EfficiencyUpdated a month ago

Improving your team's efficiency results in higher customer satisfaction levels and cost efficiency for your company. Important metrics include Average First Response Time, Average Resolution Time, Volume of Tickets Closed, Macro %, and One-Touch %.

Create Auto-Close Rules

Automatically close tickets that don't require agent assistance (general inquiries, notifications, spam messages, etc.) - check out our main use cases article

If a customer responds to these tickets, ensure they don't get automatically closed again by adding a Tag to this Rule and excluding the same Tag from the same Rule, otherwise they'll never be seen by an agent.

Add more integrations

Integrations (or Apps) allow you to integrate different platforms and tools with Gorgias which can help streamline workflows and improve productivity by eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications or platforms.

Integrations allow you to communicate with customers via new channels, pull information about them from external platforms, and perform actions in outside tools directly from Gorgias, enabling your team to be as productive as possible.

Our most successful brands utilize more than 12 Gorgias integrations.

Create follow-up Macros

We covered this already in Track 2: Speed, but ensuring you have a comprehensive set of Macros addressing every common customer support scenario, will ensure your agents are efficient and your customers receive accurate responses to their questions. 

Here are examples of the most commonly used Macros formatted for both email and chat and a list of common Customer Support scripts used by other e-commerce brands

The top Gorgias brands achieve first response times of ~10 minutes and resolution times of <60 minutes by focusing on macro usage - a strong team goal is 30%-40%.

Track your team's Macro % usage by going to Statistics -> Ticket Insights -> Macros.

Track your team's performance using Statistics

Use the Statistics section in your Gorgias helpdesk to monitor your team's productivity and efficiency. Here are 5 important productivity metrics:

Average First Response Time
This customer support metric tracks how long it takes for you to reply to the first message in a ticket. Inside of Gorgias, you can track your average first response time using visual statistics reports that make it easy to spot trends, changes, and issues.

Average Resolution Time
The average resolution time refers to how long it takes for your customer service team to resolve tickets, with at least one response from an agent (or a Rule).

Tickets Closed Per Agent
You might also want to measure the number of tickets closed per agent for a certain period. Look at the number of tickets each agent is closing per day to spot differences in productivity. You could look at a longer period, such as per month, to find which agents are consistently closing more tickets, assuming they each work the same number of hours. 

This will help you discover the agents who deserve praise and bonuses, and which ones might need training. If you find an agent who's consistently underperforming, it may be time to let them go, unfortunately.

Macro %
You can get statistics on the utilization of your Macros in any given period and compare this to the use of Tags. For example, if the Tag Cancel Order was used 100 times in one week, but the Macro was only used 50 times, that means that your reps only used the Macro half the time. Talk with your reps about why they’re underutilizing certain Macros. 

You might need to improve the copy of the Macros or add more variables to make it more useful. Or, you might simply need to remind new reps about the Macros feature.

One-Touch %
Customers love when they can get their issues resolved with a single reply. The single-reply resolution rate (One-Touch %) calculates what percentage of your tickets are handled with the first reply - it’s also known as the first contact resolution rate or FCR.

Due to the prevalence of working from home, this real-time feature provides transparency to managers on the daily activity of the team: the workload of your agents at any given moment, how long they've been online, and their current status (available or offline).

Get Gorgias Automate

Gorgias Automate helps 5,000+ brands answer up to 60% of your most repetitive tickets with a 0-second response time, freeing your team to focus on conversations that need a human touch. 

Brands deflect up to 52% of their support volume with Gorgias Automate enabled.

Includes Flows, Quick Responses, Order Management Flows, Article Recommendations, Help Center, Autoresponders, Automation Statistics and AI Agent (beta).

Still struggling? Contact your Gorgias Success Manager.

For Advanced/Enterprise plans, your Success Manager is here to help you - contact him/her requesting a meeting and they'll help you optimize your Gorgias helpdesk (settings, Views, Macros, Rules, etc.). Plan to meet with your Success Manager at least once a quarter.

Gorgias can also help analyze what types of tickets are generally taking your team the longest to resolve with the highest total message count. Our goal is to help you increase the % of One-Touch tickets (tickets closed with only one response by an agent or Rule).

If you're struggling with team staffing, Gorgias will introduce you to our trusted Customer Support Partner network - they offer temporary, contract, or long-term hiring solutions.

If you need help evaluating or implementing other e-commerce tools (order and inventory management, returns/exchange management, email + SMS marketing, shipment tracking, subscriptions, loyalty, analytics, etc.), let us know or fill out this short form and we'll introduce you to our certified Partner network.

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