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Track 4: DelightUpdated 4 months ago

Improve your Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT)

Speed (first response time), accuracy (resolution time), and friendly customer service are the three pillars of stellar customer satisfaction (CSAT). However, there are proven best practices to ensure positive customer experiences and customer loyalty.

Enable the Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction ratings are one of the best ways to determine how well your team is supporting your customers.

Find the right CSAT benchmark

Use the American Customer Satisfaction Index to find the right benchmark for your industry or product categories.

Understand the difference between Snooze and Close actions in Gorgias

Only close out a ticket once the customers' issue(s) have been completely resolved. This will trigger the satisfaction survey to send (if you have the satisfaction survey turned on).

Alternatively, snooze a ticket when you want to temporarily close a ticket without triggering the satisfaction survey. This is typically used when you're waiting for a customer's response.

Offer discounts, promo codes, or refund shipping for loyal, repeat, or dissatisfied customers

In addition to other Shopify actions, discount/promo codes can be issued using a Macro directly from Gorgias. Use these to incentivize, thank, and retain customers.

Improve your satisfaction survey response rates

Certain brands creatively use a Macro or custom signature to improve their satisfaction survey response rates

For example:

Review your product issues

77% of consumers say that what increases their brand loyalty most is quality products - every other factor won’t improve your e-commerce customer satisfaction if you’re not offering great products.

Review your damaged orders (or tickets with an order/damaged message intent) within Gorgias to identify SKUs, warehouse issues, or shipping issues affected by damages.

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