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Track 5: ProfitUpdated 4 months ago

A Harvard Business Review study revealed that businesses with strong pre-sales support have win rates of 40-50% new customers and 80-90% return customers. Another study revealed that almost 80% of companies witnessed increased customer loyalty, sales, and revenue after implementing live Chat. 

Install Gorgias Live Chat

9 out of 10 online shoppers feel that the ability to talk to someone in real-time is what gives them the confidence they need to finish their purchase.

In a 2009 article, eMarketer showed studies finding that live Chat could contribute to 36% of online purchases, and fully 62% of those who chatted said they were more likely to buy from a site again.

Many case studies show that live chat helps e-commerce merchants reduce first response time, boost customer experience, drive leads, and increase sales revenue.

Gorgias also explains in this article how pre-sales support can grow your business and turn your support team into a revenue-generating center - consider setting up live Chat for your store.

Set up Auto-Tag Rules to identify VIPs, website leads, social leads, etc.

Quickly identify and prioritize customers and leads with high purchase intent. 

Install Chat Campaigns

Set up Chat Campaigns to proactively engage your website visitors. Promote products, offer a discount code, suggest bundles, and/or offer assistance. Chat Campaigns have helped Gorgias brands drive new sales, increase average order value (AOV), improve conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment.

Get Gorgias Convert

Gorgias Convert is an intelligent revenue generation toolkit that unlocks up to 10% GMV for our brands. It helps you maximize revenue from your online shoppers - book a demo

Install Quick Responses

Setup Quick Responses to guide shoppers through their online shopping journey and provide them with discount codes, return policies, sizing guides, and/or answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Understand when your customers are most active on your website

Refer to Statistics -> Support Performance -> Overview to determine the busiest time of the week/day to staff your sales-focused agents accordingly. In 2020, the peak hour for e-commerce occurred between 8 pm and 9 pm.

Monitor Sales Generated from Support

For Advanced and Enterprise plans only.

Revenue statistics allow you to measure how much money your support team is generating by helping customers through the purchasing journey.

Develop a Sales Commission Plan

Using the revenue statistics above, create an incentive for your support team when they contribute to sales and hit certain targets. 

With customer support typically being viewed as a cost, you can now prove your team's impact on not only customer satisfaction but also on customer acquisition and revenue generation. 

Train teammates to upsell, cross-sell, suggest bundles, and offer bulk discounts

See What is Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and How to Increase it? and, synced with your Shopify account, use our product picker to quickly send product links to your customers during conversations.

You can create new Shopify orders directly within Gorgias in the right sidebar - simply click on Create order

  • Add existing products via the search input, add custom items, apply a discount code, change quantities, add a note, add Tags, apply a global discount, add shipping, and charge taxes (or not). 
  • Choose to create the order as paid or pending. 
  • Choose to email the invoice to your customer. 
  • Type a custom message for your customer.

E-commerce customer service can make or break your business. Rightfully so, a lot of attention is given to product development, marketing, and customer loyalty. But without great customer service, all of those efforts can crumble. 

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