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What are private replies?

Private Replies is a Facebook feature which allows you to reply to a Facebook comment with a single message on Facebook Messenger.

Using the same feature in Gorgias, your customer will get a reference with a link to the comment that is getting the reply in the new Messenger message. Private replies are allowed within 7 days of the creation date of the comment. Passed that date, you cannot respond privately to a comment anymore.

How to respond privately in Gorgias?

  1. Open a Facebook comment ticket
  2. Hover over the comment message that you would like to respond to, if you are eligible to respond to the comment privately, a Message button will appear next to the comment.
  1. Click on the button, it will open a popup allowing you to edit the response.
  1. Click send. Once the reply is sent, an event will be displayed in the comment ticket along with links to the Messenger ticket where the reply is.

How to keep track of the original comment?

Note that once the reply is sent, there are 2 scenarios:

  • If no recent Messenger conversation with the customer is found (or the last message was sent more than 3 days ago), a new closed Messenger ticket will be created.
  • If a recent Messenger conversation with the customer if found (the conversation must have been active less than 3 days ago), the response will be added as a new message to the conversation.

On the Messenger ticket, the comment will also be shown above the private reply for context:

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