How to create a custom widget in the customer sidebar?

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Zapier is an easy way for non-technical users to create integrations between web applications.

You can use Zapier step to create a widget next to tickets, and display any custom data you'd like:

This tutorial is pretty advanced, so if you run into issues while setting this up, please contact

How to create a custom widget?

Step 1: create a step in the Zap to populate the data in Gorgias

  1. Create a Zap that has the following information
    1. The you want to create the widget for
    2. Data points you want to add to your widget, for instance return data
  2. Create a new step with a Webhook by Zapier and select a Customer Request
  3. Go to Gorgias -> Settings -> Rest API, and copy your domain, email, and api_key
  4. Insert the following data in your Zap
    1. Method: PUT
    2. URL: https://{{domain_from_step_3}}{{}}. Note that the {{}} is returned when you create a ticket. So if you created a ticket in the previous step, you can use it now.
    3. Basic Auth: {{email_from_step_3}}|{{api_key_from_step_3}}
    4. Headers: Content-Type, application/json
  5. Click Continue, test your Zap
  6. All good! This data has been associated with the {{}} that you updated.

Step 2: display the widget to display the data next to the ticket

  1. Open a ticket associated with the customer you just updated
  2. Click on the cog icon at the top right to edit widgets
  3. Find your custom data in the orange widget
  4. Drag it to the right
  5. Click Save widget

Now the data that you add through Zapier for each customer will be displayed in a card when it's available!

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