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In this article, we will respond to the most frequently asked questions for our chat integration.

In case you cannot find the wished answer to your question please reach out to our Support team via the chat widget in the bottom right corner of the page or on the email address Let's get started!

What happens to chat messages that aren't seen by customers?

When your agents are communicating with customers via chat, sometimes the customers leave before seeing the last messages sent by the agent. In those cases, your agents might have to wait for the customer to come back to the chat to see any important messages before continuing the conversation. Or, they might reach out themselves to the customer via email to let them know that there are unseen messages in the chat. Both of these options eat up your agents' valuable time

Gorgias solves this problem by automatically notifying customers of any unseen chat messages. If your customer has an email address in the system and hasn't seen the last chat messages from the agent in more than one hour, they will automatically receive an email with the new messages, as well as the full conversation history. They can then reply to the email to continue the conversation in the same ticket, or jump back on the chat. 

Also, under your chat integration > Preferences you can choose from which exact email address you have integrated in Gorgias these emails will be sent.

Is it possible to add Gorgias chat to only one page on the website?

You can definitely add the chat on specific pages, not all of them. You just need to copy and paste the code from Settings > Integrations > Chat > Installation in your theme.liquid files manually, instead of using the one-click installation - if you are using Shopify. If you are not using Shopify, you can also add the chat widget to your website by pasting the code on your website above the </body> tag. Keep in mind that after adding the code, the chat integration will also need to be enabled in Gorgias.

Will the chat widget impact the loading time for our website?

It won't. Our chat only loads after everything else has loaded on your site: that means that, even though it is taken into account in the total loading time of your website, it does not impact the loading time that your customers see when loading your website.

What is the max size of a photo that can be sent in a chat ticket?

The maximum size when it comes to the chat channel, and it is applied across all channels is 10 MB, for any attachment. Inside one message under the chat ticket, only one image can be sent at the time, even if the combined images take less than 10 MB.

The limitation is calculated per message, so you can attach more images under the same chat ticket but as separate messages.

How can I delete my profile image and switch it back to initials?

Once you change your profile image in Settings > Your profile and it is now visible for the customers on the chat, it cannot be reverted to that image with your initials. The image cannot be deleted but you can easily replace it!

Is it possible to change the size of the chat widget?

No, as of now, it is not possible to adjust the chat widget size.

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