Migrating to new chat integration (beta version)

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We are happy to announce that we released a new chat integration version! This integration is still in BETA, but you can switch to it as it has quite some improvements. Main ones including:

  • New integration is much lighter (code package weight was cut by half to 150 kB)
  • Improved loading time and SEO performances
Old chat integration will be discontinued by end of 2020.

Setup instructions

  1. Uninstall old chat integration
    This step can also be performed after part 2-3 if preferable. Access Settings of your Gorgas account > Integrations > Chat and disable the old integration
  2. Once logged into your Gorgias account, append the following URL:

If your Gorgis subdomain is e.g. domainexample you would need to follow this URL - https://domainexample.gorgias.com/app/settings/integrations/gorgias_chat/

Please hold on to this URL as while the integration is in beta, you won't be able to access it thru the regular integrations section, just following the link above!

From there, click on 'Add chat' and follow the same instructions as creating new chat integration before.

  1. Update chat UI settings, chat campaigns, quick replies etc.

Please note that if you are using any rules or/and views associated with the chat integration, those would need to be updated as well.

  • If rules use the conditional statement if channel is chat, no action is needed
  • If rules use the conditional statement if integration is x (x being your old integration), then replace it with the new integration's name so that it becomes if integration is y (y being the new integration)
  • Apply the same process for views

  1. Enable the chat integration
    The last step is turning the integration ON and connecting it to your Shopify store.

Congrats! Your new chat integration is set!

Keep in mind that if there are unnamed agents in the account, the chat cannot be added. Make sure to add names to every agent!

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