Required email capture for chat

Updated 1 month ago by Marija

Required email capture feature will allow you to prevent your customers from sending a message in your Chat if they haven’t entered their email address!

This should help a lot in reducing the number of tickets where customers left after leaving a message in the chat and did not provide you with an email address you can use to contact them, thus becoming unreachable.

There are three options for the email capture:

  • Optional: the default option, which is also what was enabled for now. Customers can send messages, but if they are not associated with an email address, they will be prompted to enter theirs.
  • Always required: customers can never send a message without entering their email address first (except if we already have their email address).
  • Required outside business hours: outside of business hours, behaves like always required; during business hours, behaves like optional.

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