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Instagram advertising is a method of posting sponsored content on the Instagram platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience. This is often utilized to grow brand exposure, website traffic, generate new leads, etc. We do recognize this and we have developed an integration that will allow you to respond to your Instagram Ads directly through Gorgias.

How it works

  • New top-level comments are fetched every 20 minutes, for all your active ads that are "live" on Instagram.
  • You can choose which ads should be synced, on the "Ads" page of your integration.
  • The top-level comments that have been sent when this feature was not enabled are not fetched.
  • When you reply to a top-level comment via Gorgias, the reply is sent as a thread reply.

Setup instructions

  1. Go to the "Overview" page of your Facebook integration
  2. Check the box "Enable Instagram ads"
  3. Click on "Save changes".

Note that your Facebook page needs to be associated with your Instagram account.

Note that you might need to reconnect your integration. Please check the screenshot below.

Configure your view

If you just created your integration, you should be all set. Otherwise, you might need to update your Instagram view, to include tickets that have been created from an Instagram ad.

  1. Open your Instagram view (it starts with "IG -").
  2. Edit it.
  3. Make sure that filter "channel" is properly configured: "Channel is one of instagram-comment instagram-ad-comment".
  4. Click on "Update view" to save your changes.

Choose which ads should be synced

To choose which ads should be synced, go to the "Ads" page of your Facebook integration. You can choose to toggle ON/OFF your Instagram ads. Please check the screenshot below.

Please just keep in mind that, once your Instagram ads have been synced with Gorgias, they will be turned on in the helpdesk automatically.


Due to some limitations of the Instagram Marketing API:

  • When it comes to Instagram ad comments specifically, we can only pull in top-level comments for now. Thread replies are not fetched. That means that you can reply to a top-level comment, but you will not see further replies to that comment in Gorgias ('comments to comments').
  • If a comment is deleted via Instagram directly, the change won't reflect on the Gorgias ticket for now.
  • The dynamic ads are not synced, as described in their documentation:
Because each Instagram post is dynamically generated, you cannot get the instagram_permalink_url and instagram_story_id of the ad creative template. That means that you cannot get the likes and comments of your Dynamic ad posts on Instagram.

  • Here is the maximum number of Instagram ads that you can activate at the same time on Gorgias, depending on your plan:

- Basic plan: 30 ads

- Pro plan: 100 ads

- Advanced plan: 250 ads

- Enterprise plan: the limit depends on your plan — monthly USD price of your plan divided by 2 and rounded to nearest 50. For instance, if you pay $1300 per month, the limit is 650 ads.

  • Instagram doesn't offer a webhook mechanism for comments so it can take up to 2 hours to synchronize new ads on Gorgias.
  • IG TV and Instagram Reels comments cannot be pulled in yet.
  • Liking Instagram comments using Gorgias isn't an option just yet.


On Gorgias, on the "Ads" page of your Facebook integration, if you don't see your Ad in the list:

  • Make sure that your Instagram account is correctly linked to your Facebook page (in the settings of your Facebook page, section "Instagram").
  • Make sure that your personal Facebook account has been added in the members of the Facebook Business that handles your Facebook Page.
  • Make sure that your personal Facebook account has access to the Facebook Ad Account that contain your ads.
  • Make sure that its delivery status is "Active" on Facebook Ads Manager.

On your Instagram view:

  • If you don't see a comment posted on one of your ads:
    • Make sure that the view is properly configured. Please refer to section "Configure your view".
    • Make sure that your integration is enabled and that Instagram ads are enabled. Please refer to section "Enable Instagram ads".
    • Make sure that the comment has been posted when the "Instagram ads" feature was enabled on your integration.
    • Make sure that the comment is a top-level comment, and that the ad is not a Dynamic Ad. Please refer to section "Limitations".
    • We fetch comments every 20 minutes, for all your active ads that are "live" on Instagram. If the comment has been sent less than 20 minutes ago, please wait until our system synchronizes it.

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