How to Import Zendesk Tickets

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You’ve made the decision to transform the way your organization executes support. Now it’s time to implement that change. Here are the steps and resources required for successfully launching Gorgias with a Zendesk import. Zendesk should be disabled and the import should start at least 48 hours before launch date because we can only import about 2,500 tickets per hour from Zendesk. Therefore, if there is a lot of Zendesk data, the import can take a few days.

Is Your Support Email Direct Integration or Forwarding?

Depending on your email configuration, you will want to follow the instructions below in different orders. Please see the correct chronological order for each type of email set-up below. If you are unsure of your email set-up, please review the helpdocs linked below.

Direct Integration: Enable all channels in Gorgias > Disable all channels in Zendesk

Forwarding: Disable all channels in Zendesk > Enable channels in Gorgias

How to Enable Channels on Gorgias

Enable any channels you would like to use in Gorgias (email, live chat, social). Instructions for each channel are below.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Email > Add email
  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Chat > Add chat
  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Social media > Login Facebook

How to Disable Channels in Zendesk

Disable any channels you have set up in Zendesk. The instructions for each channel are below.


Open Settings > Channels > Email > Select "" > Change this address to default email > Delete all other email connections.

  • Go to native email settings (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and disable any forwarding to Zendesk that is toggled on (please ask your email admin for help on this)

Social Media

Settings > Channels > Deactivate any connected social media platforms

Contact Form / Chat / Help Center

Settings > Admin icon > Channels > Widget > Customization > Flip switch to toggle off

If flipping the switch doesn't disable the widgets on your website, you can also remove the Zendesk code. Search for the Zendesk code in the theme.liquid section of your website's code.


Deactivate all Zendesk triggers

  • If you have an automation to send a Satisfaction survey, disable it too

How to Import Zendesk Data

Since the previous 2 weeks of history are imported first, you can start the import 2-3 hours before you want to start working out of Gorgias. However, if you want all tickets to be imported before you start working in Gorgias, then we recommend starting the import at least 48 hours before launch date.

  • Go to Settings > Import Data > Enter Zendesk information > Start Import

  • Pro Tip: get the inbox as small as possible in Zendesk before importing

How Does the Import Work?

Gorgias imports Macros, Users and Tickets from Zendesk. Macros are the first item to import.

The previous 2 weeks of ticket history are imported first. The rest are imported starting from 2 years in the past and ending when we reach the 2 week mark imported previously.

There are 2 ticket statuses in Gorgias: open & closed. Open means you need to treat the ticket, closed means you're done with it.

Pending Zendesk tickets come into Gorgias as closed, but they are tagged as pending automatically. Therefore, you can create a view to see those pending tickets (more info on views here:

On-hold, solved & closed Zendesk tickets will all be imported as closed Gorgias tickets. Channels will be imported as well, (i.e. a closed Facebook Zendesk ticket will come in as a closed Facebook ticket in Gorgias as well)

Depending on the amount of data, it sometimes can take several days to import the ticket history. We import about 2,500 tickets per hour.

After the Import is Finished

Resolve and close any imported Zendesk tickets that are open in Gorgias.

Start working in Gorgias!

Zendesk Import FAQ

Q: Can I use Zendesk and Gorgias at the same time?

A: Yes, you can operate both helpdesks in parallel. More info on that here:

Q: Can I import more than once for the same Zendesk account?

A: Yes, however we only recommend doing it once. If you need to do more than one, please note there will be no graphic with the status of the additional import. It will still show it is completed from the first import, but it is working as intended.

Q: Can I import multiple Zendesk accounts into one Gorgias account?

This is not an option at this time due to some complexities that would not allow for accuracy. As an example, Zendesk can have the same ticket IDs for different accounts and we use those ticket IDs to know if we imported them or not. Thus we might skip importing some tickets if another ticket with the same ticket ids was already imported.

Q: Can I import the last 2 years of my Gmail emails before importing Zendesk?

A: You can, but we do not recommend it. If you import Gmail before Zendesk, there will be discrepancies between open/closed tickets and some messages will be not imported properly. Please do the Zendesk import and then import your emails to avoid any inconsistencies.

Q: Do my ongoing conversations with customers have to pause during the Zendesk import time?

A: Yes, you will have to pause any conversations until those tickets are imported. Since the first 2 weeks are imported first, the pause on these tickets should not be too long (2-3 hours).

Q: Is it OK if I delete all my imported tickets in Gorgias and run another import to start fresh?

A: No, you can import your Zendesk tickets only once because a ticket cannot be imported twice.

Q: How can I make sure my open Zendesk tickets that are just imported don't get mixed up with other tickets in Gorgias so I can quickly address those?

A: You can tag your open tickets with a unique name in Zendesk before you start importing. After the import is completed, you can easily create a view and find your tickets by the tag name.

Q: I've turned off all the channels in Zendesk and completed the import. Why do I still receive tickets in Zendesk?

A: Most likely this is because you have not disabled forwarding to Zendesk in your email account. Please log into your email account and disable email forwarding to Zendesk.

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