Using Gorgias and Zendesk Together

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Using Gorgias & Zendesk Guide

If you don't want to migrate your helpcenter, you can keep it on Zendesk Guide and use Gorgias in parallel. Though, customers will still submit tickets on your helpcenter hosted on Zendesk Guide. Here's how you can send those tickets to Gorgias, and have all your customer communication in Gorgias: 

  1. In Zendesk, go to Settings -> Extensions 
  2. Click Add target
  3. Select HTTP target
  4. Fill the form using your API info, that you can find in Gorgias (Settings -> API REST)
  5. Create a trigger with this configuration, and Save

"channel": "email",
"via": "api",
"tags": [{
"name": "{{ticket.tags}}"
"messages": [{
"channel": "email",
"via": "api",
"from_agent": false,
"source": {
"type": "email",
"from": {
"name": "{{}}",
"address": "{{}}"
"to": [{
"name": "Your support team",
"address": ""
"subject": "{{ticket.title}}",
"body_text": "{{ticket.latest_comment}}",
"body_html": "{{ticket.latest_comment}}</br></br>Order number: {{ticket_field_24843283}}</br></br><a href='{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[0].url}}'>{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[0].url}}</a> <a href='{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[1].url}}'>{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[1].url}}</a> <a href='{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[2].url}}'>{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[2].url}}</a> <a href='{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[3].url}}'>{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[3].url}}</a> <a href='{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[4].url}}'>{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[4].url}}</a> <a href='{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[5].url}}'>{{ticket.comments[0].attachments[5].url}}</a>"

You're good. Now, customers who contact you on your helpcenter on Zendesk will receive a response in Gorgias. 

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