Common questions regarding rules

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There can be several reasons why your rule is not performing as expected. Some of the most common ones are listed here.

  1. Auto-reply rule not triggering on certain email tickets.
    If you notice your auto-reply rule is triggering on some email tickets, but not on others, please check if the email address that received your customer's message is a G Suite Groups one. If yes, keep in mind the following - G Suite Groups email addresses are considered as mailing lists. As such, automatic replies will not work with G Suite Groups email addresses. This is to prevent creating infinite loops of automatic responders auto-responding to each other forever. If you want to enable automatic replies on a G Suite Group email address, please delete it and create a regular Gmail email address instead.
  2. Unable to add a macro with Shopify/ReCharge/webhook action to a rule.
    This is intended behavior. Macros which have Shopify/Recharge/Webhook actions in them are not usable in rules currently.
  3. Rules with delayed actions
    Setting up a rule that will trigger normally, but apply a certain action only after a set period of time is not possible. All actions will run at the moment a rule is triggered.
  4. How often is a single rule triggered?
    We do not send a single auto-reply more than once per 5 min per customer, to avoid spamming customers with the same message over and over again

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