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In this article, you will find use cases for rules, views, and actions in macros that you can replicate and customize for your business. We will be expanding this article over the coming weeks and months to include use cases that are common amongst specific industries and business types. You can use the table of contents on the left to easily jump to different sections.

Identifying priority tickets

Whether you want to identify loyal repeat customers, customers who are reaching out to cancel an order, or customers who are frustrated or disappointed, you can do that with rules and then can also set up corresponding views so that you can quickly and easily manage these tickets or ensure they are getting to the correct person. Take a look at the use cases below and remember that you can customize each one so that it will work for your business. 

Frustrated/Disappointed customer

.      Rule


Cancel order

.      Rule - this rule is set to auto assign to a specific agent. If you have an agent who works directly with fulfillment this is a great tool to use so that they can quickly address the issue and communicate within departments.

Damaged item

.      This rule is designed to let gather additional information needed so that you can process a replacement order for the customer. If you are dealing with packages damaged in transit then it will also allow you to access these tickets quickly and process all shipment claims at one time so that your workflow can remain efficient. You can utilize the same filters from the "High Priority" view and change the name of the tag to reflect accordingly.

Channel specific, generic auto responder and "Urgent" rule

.   Using these rule you can set up a generic automated response that will also let the customer know to respond with specific text so that their issue can be escalated if needed. Below you will see examples for both rules and the corresponding view.

Managing social media 

If you have your Social Media accounts integrated with Gorgias the following are great to utilize for those accounts.

Facebook and Instagram comments

.     This rule will auto close Facebook and Instagram comments that are not related to a question from a customer. 

.     Or if you want to respond with an emoji to certain ones, you can add an additional step like the one below. You can also "Save a copy" of the rule and change the keywords and emoji response.

Identifying language in tickets

.  You can use the view below to identify, tag, and assign tickets based on the language used by the customer. 

Business hours auto response

If you are wanting to create an automated response to be sent either during business hours or after business hours you can use one or both of the examples below for that. 

During business hours

Outside of business hours

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