Updated 3 weeks ago by Romain Lapeyre

There are two ways you can search in Gorgias: using the ticket search and the customer search.

Anyone can use the search function, regardless of their role, and access all tickets within the search results. This is especially important with multibrand Gorgias accounts where there might be view sharing set up, but that will not prevent agents from searching the tickets.

How it works

It searches the following fields: the customer's name, email, phone, the ticket subject and the first 5000 characters of each message body.

Please just keep in mind that the search function can't read the ticket sidebar. This means that you can use the information provided in the messages themselves and the subject, but not the information displayed in the right-hand sidebar.

The customer search is available on each ticket, and on the customer page.

From the ticket, you can search for customers by name, email, and phone. As well as order's id, tracking number, and shipping address.

From the customer list, you can search customers by email address or name for now.

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