Retention Rocket

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Retention Rocket is a text messaging platform that makes it easy to build & grow your SMS list easily in a safe and compliant manner

How it works

Enabling the integration allows you to receive and reply to customer SMS directly from within Gorgias. Responses are sent in the same number as the initial message that came through. When a ticket is closed in Gorgias, and a customer responds again in the same text room, the ticket is opened again in Gorgias.

Setup instructions

  1. Access your Gorgias account.
    1. Click your name in the bottom left corner → Your Profile → Settings → REST API → then copy the following:
      1. Username
      2. API url
      3. API key
  2. Connect to Gorgias from Retention Rocket.
    1. Now that you have those 3 details (Username, API url, API key) in hand, head over to your Retention Rocket dashboard > Powerups, and under the Gorgias Integration click “Add to store”
  3. Plug in your 3 pieces of information (Username, API url, API key) here.

And that's all - your Retention Rocket account is now integrated into Gorgias! You can review it under Settings > Integrations > HTTP.

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