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The Instagram channel lets you connect your Instagram account to your Gorgias dashboard and makes it possible for you to receive and reply to all comments on your Instagram posts.

Since Instagram is highly used and on the rise, we made sure that you can assist your customers when they are communicating with you through your Instagram page.

How to connect Instagram account to Gorgias

Instagram account is added through your Facebook integration. Go to Settings > Integrations > Facebook, Messenger & Instagram > click on desired Facebook page and check "Enable Instagram comments" :) that is it.

Note that your Facebook page needs to be associated with an Instagram account. Please check the screenshot below.

When a customer posts on your Instagram page we will create a ticket on Gorgias. From here you can handle all conversations just like you would with tickets from other channels, like chat or email. You can also apply macros, tag your tickets, assign them to a specific agent, just like any other ticket.

Please note that if there's the word 'hate' inside the Instagram comments, sadly, Instagram doesn't send any webhooks to Gorgias, so that specific comment will not be pulled to Gorgias as a ticket.
Another thing you can do is hide Instagram comments. Bear in mind that, after you hide a comment, it will still be visible to the person that posted it, but not to any other Instagram users.

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