Troubleshooting issues with your Facebook and Instagram integration

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Here you will find solutions for the most common issues reported for Facebook integration.

  1. Facebook comments and/or Messenger tickets are not coming into Gorgias
    - go to your list of Facebook integrations in Settings > Integrations > Facebook
    - click on "Reconnect"
    Note that this is always the first troubleshooting step when you notice any issues with sending/receiving tickets from Facebook integration.
  2. Messenger tickets are not coming in
    Facebook has recently added a setting that you may need to adjust in order to receive messenger messages in Gorgias. Please follow the steps below and then send a test message (through your Facebook page) to ensure that you are all set.

    From Facebook account:
    - go in your page's settings and select Messenger platform
    - in the "App Settings" section, click on "Configure"
    - Check to see if you have some apps with the role set as "Primary receiver", and if there is, remove the role (click on the role itself once again and it will unselect it)
    - Check to see if Gorgias has the role "Secondary receiver", and if it does, remove the role (same method)
  3. Error Message received when you are sending your response through Messenger or Comments
    Please first always check the step 1 above when this issue happens. If after hitting "Reconnect" option you are still receiving an error message, most likely your page has been blocked, by Facebook, from sending messages to customers. It's also possible that the comment you are trying to reply to was deleted. Please try and go inside your page's inbox in Facebook, and try to reply to customers from there. This can happen if you sent too many messages to customers recently, or if too many of those customers blocked your page / identified you as spammy.
  4. Facebook pages are missing when you click on the "Login with Facebook" button
    If your desired pages are not showing up when you try to connect them to Gorgias and you are logged into the correct Facebook account, please try the following:
    - Go to
    - Find the Gorgias app on the list and click on it; a modal should open
    - Make sure all the check-boxes are checked there; if not, check the missing ones
    - Press Save

    Once this is done, please try to add your Facebook pages again.
  5. Error message received when you try to merge two Facebook comment tickets by the same customer
    The Facebook comment tickets are currently not mergeable - this is due to the fact that each comment is associated with a certain post on your Facebook page and most of the time the comments are left on different posts. You will still be able to find both tickets under the customer's ticket history.
  6. I can't reply to Instagram comments (This API call does not support the requested response format)
    If you're getting this error, it most likely means Instagram automated systems have considered your comment or reply as spam.
    Some tips to avoid this in the future:
  • try to modify your comment: change the wording, rephrase it, etc.
  • avoid using the same reply to multiple comments: it can be considered as "automated" reply
  • avoid using too short replies, or replies consisting of smileys only
  1. Messenger tickets are being pulled as closed
    This can happen when a ticket is created with a bot reply and it will be created as closed, because we assume this was handled already and do not want it clogging your view. This is the intended behavior as of now. Please reach out to our support team if this is happening for any other messenger tickets.

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