Add Gorgias Live Chat to your store

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Gorgias chat is great way to give your customers quick and convenient access to your support team. You can add a Chat widget to your website.

Setup instructions

To add a chat widget on your website:

  1. In Gorgias, click on "Integrations," then click "Chat"
  2. Click "Add chat"
  3. Name your chat. This will usually be the name of your company
  4. Click Add chat to your store. If you're not on Shopify, you can copy and paste the HTML code that is provided on the same page

You can also add multiple chat integrations.

Once a customer reaches out using chat widget, we will create a ticket in Gorgias and you can respond directly from your helpdesk.

Please check the How to use Gorgias Chat? article for more information on Chat settings, Chat availability, Chat online/offline status etc.

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