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Add your support inbox to Gorgias

If you're like most internet companies, a significant portion of communication with your clients is via email. Email is so huge it has about 4 billion users worldwide. Gorgias recognizes that and has a first-class integration with major email providers such as Gmail or Office365. This article will show you how to set up your existing email provider so your email it arrives in Gorgias. 


If you are using Gmail it is as simple clicking on the blue button that says "Connect Google email account". You do not need to set up forwarding if you are using Gmail.

Take a look at this article for more assistance in setting up your email integration in Gorgias.

Office365 / Outlook integration

You can connect your Office365 account to Gorgias to import emails from all the users and shared mailboxes of this account:

  • Go in Settings > Integrations > Email, click on "Add email address" and on "Connect Office365 email account".
  • Give all the permissions requested
  • Once you are redirected back to Gorgias, activate the email addresses you want to connect to Gorgias.
  • Congrats! You now receive your emails in Gorgias

For more information regarding the Outlook integration please check the following article: Office365 Outlook Integration

Not using Gmail or Outlook?

No problem. In order for you to respond to email in Gorgias you have to setup what we call email forwarding.  Just as the name suggests, it forwards all the email from your current email inbox (ex: to the Gorgias inbox creating a copy of that email. When you respond to that email in Gorgias it is then sent using our email servers to the customer. 

Check this article on how to set up email forwarding for your account.

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