Check logs inside a ticket

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How to view logs/events inside tickets

If you are not sure how some tickets got closed/reopened and which exact rule got triggered under them, you can check that real quick while inside the ticket!

All you need to do is click on three dots in the top right corner of the ticket and select 'display all events'.

After that, all the actions will be displayed by the time in which they happened and also which user has performed them.

All of the actions that might be performed in a sense of the ticket status (created, closed, reopened, snoozed) or the ticket assignment (ticket assigned, unassigned) and which rules were triggered can be checked. Also, the logs will show if the ticket was merged or the different customer was manually set to it! Logs will show which tags were placed and by which user.

Here's an example of how the logs can exactly look like under the ticket:

You can also click on the rule that was executed and the specific rule will be shown in the new tab from your Settings > Rules page!

To learn more about the rest of the ticket options in the menu above, please refer to this article.

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