Undo sent message

Updated 10 months ago by Tina

When responding to our clients we may send something we would like to revert, that’s why we are introducing the ability to undo sent messages!

How does it work?

When sending an email, you will be able to undo the sent message by clicking on the 'Undo' button on the message sent pop-up message.

Even though it is restricted to emails, you can expect us to add more of these to help you with your workflow!

Keep in mind that once the message is sent, you should not close the tab until the undo message pop-up is gone, since the email might not be sent, you will receive a notification that the tab should not be closed.

Also, the undo message sent will not be possible while creating a ticket, so just the messages under the existing tickets can be undone.

Message cannot be unsent once the Undo button is gone.

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