Black Friday Cyber Monday Preparation Checklist

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Preparing for Black Friday Cyber Monday but not quite sure where to start? Look no further! The BFCM Preparation Checklist includes our top tips on how to optimize your account to handle the busy season with ease.

📎 Download a PDF version of the checklist here: Gorgias BFCM Preparation Checklist.pdf

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▢ Establish FAQs (consider including promotion details) and include in quick links

▢ Confirm return/shipping policy pages are correct and available in macros/quick links 

▢ Check contact us page is correct (consider including 'open chat' link, business hours and/or response time)


▢ Set business hours

▢ Create views for prioritising tickets based on SLA

▢ Set out escalation process


▢ Activate quick replies

▢ Activate self service, including eligibility criteria for returns and cancelations

▢ Activate campaigns for cart page and product pages


▢ Create macro for cancellation, partial refund or free shipping macros (Shopify actions)

▢ Create macro for FAQS (eg. promo details/link to page, BNPL options, out of stock enquiries, etc…)


▢ Create rule to auto reply to emails (inc. FAQ links, expected response time and urgent escalation option)

▢ Create rule to auto assign/tag escalated tickets

▢ Create rule to auto reply to return/cancelation requests via self service


▢ Consider an incentive for high performance/revenue  over the busy period

▢ Consider sending team members a food delivery voucher, free dinner or a gift card if they are picking up extra shifts

▢ Provide team with necessary information ahead of time

eg. promotion details (what is/isn't eligible), responses to anticipated push back (eg. "i bought this full price last week and now it's on sale") and clarification on when they should escalate to a team lead


If you're looking to increase your support team temporarily to handle the increase in volume we have agencies here to help.

Please visit our agency directory to find a suitable partner near you.


Ticket by team

Tickets by SLA


Order status -> shipped

Return/exchange -> return instructions with portal

Return/exchange -> return request without portal

Return/exchange -> Check return eligibility

Refund/exchange -> Partial refund

Order change/cancel -> Check reason for cancellation

Order change/cancel ->Cancel last order

Escalation -> Missing order

Gesture -> Generate $10 gift card (Shopify)

Gesture -> Refund last order shipping cost

Quick replies - FAQs

Reply: Outside business hour emails

Reply/assign/tag: Escalated tickets

Tag: Business hours

Reply: Self service - Return with portal

Reply: Self service - Return without portal

Reply: Self service - Cancellation

Reply: Order status enquiries for preorders

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