Email Forwarding - Video Tutorials - DEPRECATED due to new info in 'Email Integrations'

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When using Gorgias, one of your first priorities should be to have your support emails connected with the helpdesk. This will help you get your customers' email queries into Gorgias from where you can respond and manage them.

If you're using Gmail or Outlook you can easily integrate them directly with Gorgias by following the instructions here. However, if one of those email addresses is an alias or a group inbox, or if you are using a completely different email provider, you'll want to check out the video tutorials below.

For a detailed step-by-step on everything covered by these video tutorials, please feel free to check out this article as well!

G-Suite Group Email Forwarding

Gmail Alias Email Forwarding

Zoho Email Forwarding

Yahoo! Email Forwarding

We hope that the video tutorials were useful to you! If you're still having some trouble with setting up your email integration via forwarding, then please feel free to reach out to our Support Team via our live chat or email at

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