Automating repetitive tasks using rules

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How to automatically close or tag tickets?

This tutorial will help you set up rules that will automatically close or tag tickets. Make sure to also check out our Advanced Rule Tutorials here.

One of the more common types of tickets to use the auto-close rules on are the giveaway mentions. There's a hot tip for you on how to set up a rule to automatically close these here!

How to automatically snooze tickets?

This video will show you our most recent feature, the ability to auto-snooze tickets using rules.

How to automatically tag tickets using customer intents?

This next video shows you how to set up rule for this using customer intents.

How to auto-tag Facebook and Instagram comments?

This rule will auto-tag and reply to Facebook and Instagram comments that are positive.

How to auto-reply during business hours?

If you are wanting to create an automated response to be sent either during business hours or after business hours you can use one or both of the examples below for that. 

How to auto-tag tickets with customer sentiments?

Here's how to create a simple rule to tag tickets using customer sentiments.

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