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Gorgias Webinars are here to help you get the most out of our platform.

These consist of video content and live questions with our team. During the webinar we will be on hand to answer any questions you or other attendees have. We may also include guest speakers, interviews, polls or quiz.

You can watch the pre-recorded video content below each summary.



The Gorgias Onboarding for Support Teams webinar covers all important features for the day-to-day users and best tips and practices for support in general. This includes views, tickets, macros, Shopify actions and some basic chat tips. There will be a pre-recorded demo, Q&A and a quiz (with prize)!

For those interested in:

  • getting started with Gorgias
  • learning about specific Gorgias features within tickets
  • onboarding new CX agents



The Automation webinar covers setup of automations in Gorgias. This includes building basic Rules, setting up Views and Sections and explains how these are used in day to day workflows. It also shows on screen demonstrations of these.

For those interested in:

  • further set up/optimization of Gorgias
  • learning how rules, views and sections work together
  • seeing best practices in action



The Chat webinar looks at all aspects of Chat and is split into two parts.

Part 1 covers the benefits of using chat, installation/setup and an overview of tools available in Gorgias.

Part 2 covers different use cases and setup instructions for Campaigns, Quick Replies and Advanced Chat Customization. There are also demonstrations on how each of the tools appear for customers.

For those interested in:

  • getting started using Chat
  • driving revenue through Chat
  • optimizing Chat through quick replies, campaigns and advanced chat customization

Social Media


The Social Media webinar covers Social Media Strategy and a guide on integrating these platforms with Gorgias. This includes best practices on handling social enquiries, how to setup your account to manage high volumes of tickets, demonstrations of tickets different channels and the customer experience.

For those interested in:

  • integrating social media with Gorgias for the first time
  • optimizing Gorgias tools (rules, views, sections, etc...) specific to social media
  • learning about social media and support strategy



The Phone webinar covers all aspects of the Phone channel. This includes a walk through of current and upcoming features, guide on installation and setup and a demonstration of how calls appear in Gorgias in different scenarios.

For those interested in:

  • getting started using Phone
  • learning more about what features are available and coming soon
  • seeing the agent and customer experience when using Phone

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