Bulk actions

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Bulk actions give you the ability to update tickets massively. For example, if you want to send a reply to all tickets inside of a view, you can select it entirely and apply a macro on it.

You can apply bulk actions on as many tickets as you want. It takes us approximately one minute to process 100 tickets. To prevent conflicts, only one bulk action can be run at the same time on your helpdesk.

Besides being able to apply macros, bulk actions also enable you to assign tickets to an agent/team, close/open them, add tags, delete them entirely, or even download them thanks to our export tickets feature.

If you launched an update on a view by mistake, don't worry; you've got a few seconds to cancel the action by pressing on the cancel button that is shown on the confirmation notification.

Once you start a bulk action in your Helpdesk, you will not be able to run a new one until the current one is completed. Speed of bulk action is ~100 tickets per minute.

If you have any idea about a feature that is missing/possible improvements or have any question please please let us know at support@gorgias.com. We would love to hear from you.

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