Gorgias Phone FAQs

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Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions regarding our native Phone Integration.


I have a Basic Gorgias account and can't see Phone as an integration. How can I get access to this integration?

The Phone integration is only available on Pro, Advanced and Enterprise plan accounts at the moment. To upgrade your account simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to SettingsBilling and Usage
  2. Click 'Update plan'
  3. Click 'Switch to Pro plan'

Your account should update immediately showing your new ticket allocation and plan details. Remember that on our Pro plan you now have access to these additional features:

If you still can't see Phone as an integration on your Integrations page, please reach out to our support team at support@gorgias.com.

I have a Pro Gorgias account and can't see Phone as an integration. How can I get access this integration?

Please reach out to our Support Team at support@gorgias.com, we'll be happy to look into this for you.

How long will the Gorgias phone ring for until the call is timed out?

If all agents are busy/unavailable or if it's outside business hours, calls will ring for approximately 30 seconds before being redirected to voicemail or canceled.

If agents are available and/or it's during business hours, calls will ring until either answered by an agent or timed out (at 60mins).

How many phone numbers can an account have?

The limit depends on your subscription plan:

Pro - up to 3 phone numbers

Adv - up to 10 phone numbers

Enterprise - up to 20 (if more are needed, please let your CSM know)

Where are voicemails stored?

Voicemails are available within the ticket, they can be found as voicemail left events. They will be available to listen for up to 6 months from the day recorded, after this, they are deleted.

For how long are recordings stored?

Call recordings will be stored for up to 6 months. After that call recordings will be automatically deleted. Once recordings are deleted, the Call ended event will appear with the following message:

Can I call Shopify customers directly from your phone integration?

Yes! We pull in phone numbers for customers so we can easily link Native Phone (Gorgias Phone) tickets with customers.

What is the minimum bandwidth needed to support calls?

Bandwidth (Uplink/Downlink)

Opus*: 40kbps / 40kbps

PCMU: 100kbps / 100kbps

Latency (RTT)

< 200ms


< 30ms

Packet Loss

< 3%


What is the difference between native, forwarding, and porting calls?

Native is when Gorgias is your service provider and you are answering calls in Gorgias.

Forwarding is when you have an external service provider and these calls are redirected (forwarded) to Gorgias through them.

Porting is when you migrate your service from an external provider to Gorgias. This process is a one-time step that occurs during setup. After this, Gorgias becomes your service provider.

Please note that porting is only available on Advanced plans and higher.
How can I check if I can forward calls from my current provider?

To check if your current provider will allow call forwarding, you'll have to search your current provider's documentation for a feature like "Forward to device" or "Call forwarding" and follow their instructions.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled instructions to forward calls from our customer's most common providers:

This list is not cumulative, so if your provider is not on this list, please don't hesitate to search their documentation or contact them directly to help you forward calls to Gorgias.

If I am forwarding calls to Gorgias, what number will my customers see when I'm making outbound calls from the helpdesk?

Making outbound calls from the helpdesk will show the Gorgias number as the caller ID. To make outbound calls with your existing number's caller ID, you will need to call from your current provider's platform or a physical phone.

We have set up a US/Canadian phone number in Gorgias, however, our agents are located in other countries. Will I be charged additional fees if they answer this from an IP address outside of the US/Canada?

No. Gorgias operates through a browser, so you will not incur any international call charges by answering from an IP address overseas.

Please note that this is different from call forwarding. Continue reading for more information on that below.

We wish to keep our existing phone number. Can we still do this?

Yes! If you have an existing phone number you wish to keep you will want to set up call forwarding. Simply create a new phone number in Gorgias and forward any calls from your existing number to your new one in Gorgias.

This means your customer can continue to contact you via the same number without experiencing any disruption.

This requires you to create a US/Canadian phone number in Gorgias and forward calls to this number. To set this up please contact your service provider.

Please note that forwarding and/or international call charges may apply. Feel free to contact your provider for more information.

Is it possible to forward from Gorgias to another provider?

This is currently not available. If you are interested in this feature please let our Product team know by submitting an idea to our Productboard.

Can I answer calls from the Gorgias mobile app?

Not yet sadly, currently Phone is only available for the desktop version of our helpdesk. If you are interested in this feature please let our Product team know by submitting an idea to our Productboard.

Agent Assignment

How does routing work for agents?

It’s based on the agent’s personal availability. If an agent is available in Gorgias they will receive new call notifications. If an agent is set as unavailable, they won’t get a call notification.

Agents can view and change their availability on the tickets page under their agent profile.

How does round-robin assignment work for agents?

If auto-assignment is enabled for phone tickets, and there is a team and an assignment rule for that phone integration, the call notification goes to the available agent whose last call was ended earlier than any other available agent's. In other words, round-robin assignment is ordered by the date-time from the earliest ended call to the most recently ended call.

For example, if Agent A ends a call at 10:00 am, and Agent B ends a call at 11:00 am, then the next call will notify Agent A first, provided Agent A is available in Gorgias. If Agent A doesn’t accept the call, the call automatically notifies the next agent in line in the team.


Is there a dial-pad I can use to make calls?

Gorgias phone does not have a dial pad feature just yet, but you can call the customer by clicking on the phone number on the customer profile. This will create an outbound call ticket.

Is there a way to mute phone call notifications without declining the call?

Not just yet, but we're working on it!

How do I transfer a call from one agent to another?

This feature is currently not available, but will be coming soon.

If you still have some follow-up questions that weren't answered by this doc, then please feel free to reach out to our Support Team anytime via live chat or email at support@gorgias.com. We'll be happy to advise!

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