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Building your Alloy Integration

Learn how to integrate Alloy with your workflows

In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Alloy with the Gorgias platform. Once you've connected Alloy, you'll be able to sync data from Shopify, BigCommerce, Klaviyo, ShipBob, and other apps to view customer data in one location.

Example use cases include:

  1. Sending updates messages to customers via email or SMS
  2. Provide shipping and delivery updates via email or SMS based on delivery data from shipping platforms (ShipBob, Shippo, etc.)
  3. Tagging customers who have created tickets subscribers and sending campaigns based on specific triggers

Get Gorgias credentials

  1. Login to Gorgias
  2. Go to Settings -> REST-API to view the credentials

Connect to Alloy

  1. In Alloy, create a new workflow
  2. Select Shopify Trigger, or any app you'd like to trigger the workflow. Set up the app.
  3. Choose Gorgias as the second block in your workflow by clicking on the + icon next to the trigger
  4. Choose any action, such as Get all Tickets
  5. In the next step, paste your Gorgias credentials into the field then press Validate
  6. Proceed to the next step and fill in the required fields

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