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Connect Glew and Gorgias to get actionable insights on your customer support and see how your customer communications impact your business.  Glew helps you blend data from Gorgias with the rest of your tech stack – from your ecommerce cart to your loyalty program to your subscription platform and more – for powerful multichannel reporting that drives growth.

Optimize your customer support, drive loyalty and growth

  • Evaluate your customer support performance by channel – including email, chat and messenger – and identify areas of opportunity
  • Segment your customers by support activity, blended with other KPIs and buying behavior filters, for advanced reporting and more targeted communications
  • Connect customer support data to your performance KPIs to understand how support impacts revenue, profitability, lifetime value and more

How to integrate Glew and Gorgias

Once your store is set up in Glew, visit Store Settings and select Gorgias from the list of integrations.

Once there, follow the steps to connect your Gorgias account in Glew:

1. Log into your Gorgias account and navigate to Settings > Rest API to find your account's API keys.

2. Copy your API key, Gorgias domain URL and Gorgias account email address into the respective fields in Glew.

3. Review and save your integration details.

4. Once you've connected any other integrations, import your data

Gorgias Data Collected by Glew

Glew pulls data on Gorgias events, rules, surveys, messages, tickets, and users, updated hourly.

Learn more about Glew here

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