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BigblueUpdated 10 months ago

Bigblue is a fulfillment company for e-commerce brands. Bigblue's technology allows brands to offer prime-like deliveries, branded tracking e-mails, a return portal, and much more. Every order is automatically prepared in their enterprise-grade logistics network. It has never been that easy to connect multiple sales channels and ship worldwide.

How it works

With the Bigblue App for Gorgias, you can:

  • Display Bigblue data directly in your Gorgias sidebar
  • Automatically create alerts for delivery issues and proactively solve them
  • Easily escalate an issue to Bigblue for carrier delays or lost parcels

Setup instructions

1. In Gorgias open Settings > Integrations

2. Find Bigblue on the list and Connect App

3. Authorize your account and you're all set! 

Widget - The Bigblue Widget in Gorgias

Once the integration is set up, the widget will naturally appear in your Gorgias sidebar.

Info in the widget:

  • order id
  •  order status
  •  create time
  •  shop

for each fulfillment, each package, and each SKU in the order

  •  product name
  •  SKU
  • quantity

for returns

  •  tracking number
  •  refund method
  • products in return
  •  SKU
  •  damaged mention

for support requests

  •  link
  • subject
  •  last update time

You can optionally modify the widget info and layout by clicking on the ⚙️ button to

- Add or hide information

- Reorder the information or the widget among your other widgets

Alerts - what they are and how to configure

We wanted to help you be proactive with your buyers. For Bigblue events that require you to contact your buyer, we push a draft ticket explaining the issue in your support tool so that you can reply in one click.

There are 3 alerts activated by default

  • Order in Action Required
  • Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey — with comment
  • Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey — without comment

You can deactivate the alerts you do not want to receive in your Bigblue integration settings. Uncheck the alerts that do not interest you.

We associate tags on Gorgias to the tickets we create for alerts. That way, using Gorgias Rules, for example, you can automate which agent is assigned or auto-reply to these tickets. Rules can be accessed through the Gorgias settings (in the Automation section).


Can I connect multiple Gorgias accounts to the same Bigblue account?

Yes, you can just repeat the installation process for as many Gorgias accounts as you have.

Please note that this integration was built by our partners and while we do support it, in case any technical issue arises, the wait time might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. Thanks for your understanding!

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