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EmotiveUpdated 5 days ago

Emotive is an SMS marketing platform for Shopify merchants.

How it works

The goal of the integration is to allow you to manage all of your Emotive conversations right from within Gorgias. Here's what the integration will allow once set up:

  • New conversations that happen in Emotive create tickets in Gorgias
  • All customer responses from Emotive are added to the same open tickets in Gorgias
  • Conversations that Emotive starts with customers will sync to provide context for where the conversation was handed off to Gorgias
  • Responding to a ticket in Gorgias sends a message via Emotive to the customer
  • Closing a ticket in Gorgias closes a conversation in Emotive
  • When Emotive learns the customer's name from an order or an abandoned checkout, it'll update the user profile in Gorgias with their first and last name on the next ticket that is opened
  • You'll also be able to send images to customers via Gorgias
  • You can also opt-out a customer using Gorgias commands

⚠️ Please note that Emotive does not support the merging feature at this time. If the ticket opened by Emotive is merged into another ticket it will break the ability to continue to deliver messages. To create a new ticket the related conversation needs to be closed in Emotive. Further correspondence will open a new ticket at that point.

Setup instructions

This integration requires you to have an Emotive account. Please reach out to your Emotive Account Manager to set up the integration and refer to this article.

Here is a video explaining how to connect your Emotive integration:

You will first need to set up the integration in Emotive and then add the webhook to Gorgias.

In Emotive

1. Go to Settings → Integrations → Gorias

2. Gorgias API Key – Get this key from your Gorgias Account at the REST API tab

3. Email Address – The email address associated with the account

4. Base Gorgias URL – If you access Gorgias at https://emotive.gorgias.io/, then simply enter “emotive”.

Note: Please make sure that there are no spaces in the Base Gorgias URL or any other of these API inputs.


How do I opt-out a customer?

You can reply to an Emotive ticket with #optout or #opt-out to opt-out a customer from a mailing list directly from Gorgias.

What does "Auto-Create Tickets" mean?

This option creates a new Gorgias ticket for every customer that replies to your Emotive number. Disabling this option allows you to manually choose which responses get created as Gorgias tickets via the Emotive response interface.

Can I create SMS tickets from Gorgias?

Unfortunately, customers must first text your Emotive number to start an SMS Gorgias ticket. You cannot start an SMS conversation with a customer from Gorgias.

How do I filter Emotive tickets in Gorgias?

Tickets coming from Emotive will not be automatically tagged. For easier filtering and conversation management in Gorgias, we recommend setting up an auto-tag rule like indicated on the screenshot below:

You can then use the tag 'Emotive' to set up a dedicated ticket view:

Please just keep in mind that if you already have the ruleset up, but opted for all lowercase (emotive) instead of 'Emotive', then you will start seeing two tags.

The email thread and signatures are being added to each SMS message sent from Gorgias. How do I turn that off?

Go to your HTTP Emotive Integration settings and change the value for “message_html” key from “{{message.body_html}}” to “{{message.stripped_html}}”.

Stripped text is defined as the text version of the body of the message without email signatures and previous replies.

Please note that this integration was built by our partners and while we do support it, in case any technical issue arises, the wait time might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. Thanks for your understanding!

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