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FlatlayUpdated 2 years ago

FLATLAY is an end-to-end social commerce automation platform for brands, creatives & customers. The app provides publishing tools for anyone to start a digital storefront in seconds while empowering brands and retailers with a SaaS portal to activate a community of customers and advocates to source content from, to fuel sales.

How it works

  1. If it is not installed directly via the Gorgias app portal, Gorgias will be synced within the brands settings:
  2. Customer “lists” and the campaign communication will function through Gorgias’ multi-channel comms (email, text, social DMs) to help the merchants communicate with the creators they invite to campaigns from the dashboard and/or lists they build out:

  3. The Gorgias<>Flatlay brand business customers will be able to communicate with their clients through the portal, via the created tickets in Gorgias:

  4. Once you’ve created a campaign, you will need to activate it (Go live), and then invite (via email) or add creators:

  5. You can access your Gorgias account from the settings page:

Setup instructions

  1. The merchant's Business Accounts are created on FLATLAY:
  2. After the signup is successful, the merchant is requested to verify their email:

  3. When the verification link is clicked, the merchant is asked to log in again to verify the registration process:

  4. There are 4 steps to the setup, the last one being payment:

  5. The account is then successfully confirmed:


Please note that this integration was built by our partners and while we do support it, in case any technical issue arises, the wait time might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. Thanks for your understanding!


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