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GobotUpdated 3 months ago

Gobot helps fast-growing Shopify stores convert more shoppers and reduce support burden with beautiful guided selling quizzes and AI-powered support chatbots.

How it works

Gobot's integration with Gorgias allows you to seamlessly transfer from a Gobot Guided Shopping experience to Gorgias with full conversational context. It can either automatically:

a) Initiate a Gorgias live chat conversation or

b) Create a new email ticket in Gorgias

By way of example, say somebody completes your Skincare Routine Finder Guided Shopping experience, sees their recommended products, and has a question about the ingredients in one of the recommended products.

The shopper then sees a "Do you have any questions?" prompt directly within the Gobot Guided Shopping experience. Upon selection of "Yes, thanks!", Gorgias's live chat widget is opened and all of the shopper's Guided Shopping answer choices + product recommendations automatically get sent to the Gorgias support rep. This enables a seamless handover experience since there is no need for the support rep to request that the customer repeat any information.

Of note, Gobot's Gorgias integration has the ability to determine whether it is during live chat "On Hours" or not. If it is outside of On Hours, live chat transfer will not be offered and an email ticket will automatically be generated instead.

Setup instructions

  1. Log into both your Gobot and Gorgias accounts separately
  2. Follow this link to simulate clicking the "install" button in the app store —> https://yoursubdomain.gorgias.com/app/apps/61b13133ea4f2d4a2bc699e4?preview=true
    Don't forget to replace 'yoursubdomain' from the URL above with your actual Gorgias subdomain 🙂
  3. After approving the Oauth2 installation flow you should be redirected inside Gobot
  4. In Gobot > Bot mode > Bot Dashboard, select the bot you'd like to add a Gorgias chat or email ticket handover into
  5. In the right-hand Message Type panel, under Apps, select the Gorgias message type and drag it into the desired location in your bot script
  6. In the right hand Gorgias settings panel, select your Gorgias account, ticket creation method (live chat vs. email), edit your Live Chat Handoff messages if desired, select your Support email address, and add a Ticket subject line (if utilizing email ticket creation)
  7. Click Save and then click Publish Changes towards the bottom right-hand section of the bot builder

Congrats! You are all done! 🎉

Please note that this integration was built by our partners and while we do support it, in case any technical issue arises, the wait time might be a bit longer than for a regular support request. Thanks for your understanding!

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