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Integrations (Apps) 101Updated 3 months ago

Integrations (Apps) allow you to integrate different platforms and tools with Gorgias which can help streamline workflows and improve productivity by eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications or platforms.

The benefits of using different integrations include:

  • making important customer and order data visible to agents when answering tickets
  • using data from third-party platforms in templated responses (Macros)
  • performing tasks in an integrated platform (like Shopify) without opening a new tab
  • sending data from Gorgias to third-party platforms automatically 

To view our full directory of available integrations and to get started with set up please visit the app store in your account by going to Settings -> App Store -> All apps.

Here you'll see all our available integrations divided into sections such as Chat, Phone, SMS, and so on by their functions - you can also check out the Featured tab to see the most popular ones.

If you see any apps you'd like to integrate missing from our App Store, please share your feedback by clicking the Request App button at the bottom of the page.

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